Sustainable Scrubs for Earth Day

Sustainable Scrubs for Earth Day

Did you know that “79% of plastic waste is sent to landfills or the ocean, while only 9% is recycled, and 12% gets incinerated?” If you are looking for sustainable scrubs that are environmentally friendly, you have come to the right place. Rest assured knowing when you purchase from these brands, you are supporting a healthier planet. Sustainable scrubs are possible without sacrificing comfort and fashion!

Barco One

Scrubs that support our planet! Not only do Barco one scrubs have anti-static properties which release animal hair easily, but they are also created from fabric made out of 5-recycled plastic water bottles.

Skechers by Barco

These scrubs are as gentle on your wallet as they are on the environment. Made from 40% recycled polyester, Sketchers by Barco uses 7-recycled water bottles per garment.

Planet koi

Planting the seed of change. Planet koi is an eco collection made with recycled four-way stretch fabric giving caregivers comfort throughout their day. With every Planet koi garment purchased one tree will be planted.

WonderWink RENEW

Be kind to the planet and yourself with WonderWink’s ethically sourced and sustainable line RENEW. Each garment is constructed with five recycled water bottles and their hang tags are also printed on environmentally friendly, FSC certified paper.

Euphoria by Cherokee

From comfortable and functional, to fashion-forward and sustainable. This collection is crafted with Sorona fiber, a renewable plant-based fabric that is breathable and earth-friendly. A portion of the proceeds from this line goes to support Mercy Ships, a floating hospital bringing free lifesaving care to those in desperate need.