Streamlined Ordering With TopStitch For Teams

Streamlined Ordering With TopStitch For Teams

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and manual coordination – embrace our digital solutions that revolutionize group uniform management!

At TopStitch Scrubs, we understand the challenges faced by group uniform administrators when it comes to managing the ordering and distribution of uniforms. That's why we have developed a state-of-the-art Digital Group Order Tool, in addition to custom webstores, that simplify the entire process and eliminate paperwork and manual communication. 

Seamless Ordering with our Digital Group Order Tool:

With our Digital Group Order Tool, placing uniform orders has never been easier. Administrators simply enter all program requirements - including embroidery, brands, colors, and allowances - in one centralized hub. Once the requirements are set, a unique link is generated and shared with employees, providing them with a convenient platform to place their orders. This effective and essential process saves time and ensures accuracy, reducing the chances of errors in order placement. Watch Demo

Seamless Ordering with our Custom Webstores: 

Topstitch simplifies the process by offering a customized dedicated web store designed to seamlessly align with your team's branding. Our tailored webstores integrate uniform allowances, embroidery services, and direct employee delivery, resulting in significant time and resource savings. With user-friendly navigation, your employees can easily browse through a diverse range of carefully curated products categorized by department, ensuring they find the perfect uniforms for their team. By displaying only the colors and styles available for each department, employees are empowered to choose according to their personal preferences. Watch Demo

With TopStitch Scrubs' tech-enabled solutions, the ordering and distribution of uniforms have never been more streamlined and efficient. By centralizing the ordering process, our tools simplify the experience for both uniform administrators and employees. 

Remove all the complexity from ordering uniforms for your group and sign up for a quick demo to learn more about our solutions. Book Demo 

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