Modernize Your Uniform Program in 6 Easy Steps with TopStitch for Teams

Modernize Your Uniform Program in 6 Easy Steps with TopStitch for Teams

Welcome to a new era of streamlined uniform management! At TopStitch, we understand the pain points associated with setting up and maintaining a uniform program. That's why we've developed TopStitch for Teams, a revolutionary solution that delivers a fully functional uniform store in 60 minutes or less. Let's dive into the simple yet effective steps that will kick-start your year with a hassle-free uniform program.

When you come on board to the TopStitch for Teams platform, our team of experts will dig in to truly understand your program. The first step is crucial – share insights about your organization. Then we'll gather your program requirements - colors, logos, departments, employee stipends, etc. We'll make recommendations on best practices and ensure you’re set up for success. From there, we handle your embroidery set up from logo digitization to your approval. We have top-notch embroidery partners so you don’t have to worry about quality, payments, or managing relationships. Then we start to build!

Six Key Steps to Setting up your site: 

Steps 1 through 3: The foundations of your uniform website
Here we establish the building blocks for your site. Many healthcare institutions are dispersed across multiple locations, each with unique uniform needs. Our solution can handle an unlimited number of locations or departments and all of the combinations in between. With this flexibility, your team has a one-stop-shop for all uniforms and a single vendor partner.

Step 4: Build your product collections
This step is all about customization. Set up your uniform requirements, assign them to the appropriate groups, and select colors, styles, and embroidery specifications for each unique group within your organization. With our access to all of the market-leading scrub and apparel brands, you can give your employees a wide product selection across the color and price points in your budget. 

Step 5: Establish Employee Stipends
Many healthcare institutions offer a uniform allocation to their employees. There are a number of ways to ensure your administrators can manage their budget and give their employees a great benefit. TopStitch for Teams can manage dollar vouchers, set allotments, payroll deduction, and purchase via PO. These allocations are assigned to employees based on their location or department and then can be set to renew automatically at the cadence you set in the system. This removes the need to annually issue uniform allocations – set it and truly forget it! This step ensures efficient financial management within your program.

Step 6: Choose your website URL
The final touch! Choose a unique URL for your webstore that reflects your organization and customize it with your logo. This step ensures that your webstore is not just functional, but also aligns seamlessly with your brand.

Ready to experience a uniform program that is efficient, convenient, and tailored to your organization's needs? See how you can make 2024 the year of hassle-free and efficient uniform management by watching this quick video, or book a demo with one of our experts to discuss how TopStitch for Teams can help your group.