Best Practices for a Successful Uniform Program

Best Practices for a Successful Uniform Program

Developing a successful uniform program requires careful planning to make sure it meets both your company's needs and those of your employees. Not sure where to start? Employ these best practices to ensure your uniform program is a true success!

1. Knowing the Features and Services You Need

Take a moment to think about and identify what you want your uniform program to do. What is the purpose of your uniform program in the first place? What are your logo and personalization needs? Will you need an online tool for program administration? How will you order and receive your uniforms? Identifying the must-haves early on will help ensure your satisfaction with your uniform program.

2. Deciding Approved Brands, Styles, and Colors

Decide if color-coordinating teams make sense for your business. Some organizations choose one color for all employees or a specific color for each department. Another consideration when choosing a brand is the fabric. The fabric of the uniform will dictate the ease of care and the scrub’s durability. Depending on the profession, things to consider for your group are things like stain resistance, anti-shed properties, wrinkle resistance, anti-microbial protection, stretch, and moisture-wicking fabric.

3. Having a Custom Uniform Webstore

You want to cut down the time you spend placing orders and distributing uniforms. Take the hassle out of your group uniform program by using a custom webstore to manage ordering, selection, embroidery, payments, and delivery. This empowers your employees to order on their own time.

4. Uniform Allowance Management

Processing orders seamlessly is key! Whether you offer a uniform allowance or not, a platform that can handle payroll deductions, set allowances, vouchers, or even self-pay is beneficial. This gives employees the option to shop and apply their allowances right at checkout, removing the need to track each employee's balance.

5. Mobile Fittings

Managing group orders can be a headache, especially when it comes to the complexity of getting consistent sizing. Onsite fittings bring your staff convenience and lets your team determine the best fit and function for them.

6. Custom Fulfillment

Placing and distributing orders to your employees is super time-consuming. Having a program that offers direct delivery to your employees’ work or home is essential to save you time and frustration, and ensure that the right orders get to the right people in a timely manner.

A well-executed uniform program can save you valuable time and resources. At TopStitch scrubs, we employ all of these practices to bring you success and help you simplify your group order process. Leave the hard work to us! Learn more about our group programs.

If you’re looking to start or upgrade your uniform program, fill out our group inquiry form and tell us your uniform needs.