Four Ways We Simplify Group Orders

Four Ways We Simplify Group Orders

Being responsible for outfitting your group is an important job. It’s also a BIG job -- managing the apparel selection process, collecting sizes and styles on order forms, organizing fitting events, ordering for all employees, and then managing the delivery to your team members - plus being the intermediary with your vendor!

What if we did all of that for you?

We can! Here's how:

Custom Uniform Web Stores: One place to manage orders, selection, payments, and delivery. We build a store for your uniform program needs and then empower your employees to order on their time.

Uniform Allowance Management: Our platform handles payroll deduction, set allowances, vouchers, or even self-pay, removing the need to track each employee's balance.

Mobile Fittings: We offer onsite fittings with custom web stores for your staff's convenience, letting your team pick the best fit and function for them all onsite on the schedule that works for them

Custom Fulfillment: Whether you need orders shipped directly to your facility, multiple facilities, or direct to employees, we can handle packing and shipping by department or employee for easy distribution.

From help with product selection to embroidery services, we take care of it all!

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