Revolutionizing Uniform Programs: Introducing TopStitch for Teams

Revolutionizing Uniform Programs: Introducing TopStitch for Teams

Managing a uniform program can be a hassle. And we heard you! We took all of your feedback and requests and built a solution to make your life easier. We married our healthcare industry expertise with technology, and out of that came our brain child - Topstitch for Teams - the smartest way to manage your uniform program. This solution brings next-level service and convenience to group uniform programs. Say goodbye to uniform management headaches and hello to a streamlined process.  

How do we do it?/How does it work?

Managed uniform programs need more than just a great software solution.  Operational expertise and service are keys to ensuring administrators can set their program and forget it, and employees can order products they love with a modern shopping experience. With the Topstitch for Teams experience teams can expect:

  • Superior shopping experience and Simple Administration: 
    TopStitch for Teams integrates everything into a dedicated webstore for you and your employees. The user-friendly interface allows employees to navigate through a diverse range of products curated by department and/or location, making it easy for them to find the perfect uniforms. Our web stores simplify the process by offering a customized platform that aligns seamlessly with your team's requirements. This includes uniform allowances, embroidery services, and direct to employee delivery, resulting in significant time and resource savings.
  • Cohesive Uniform Look:
    Recognizing the need for both cohesion and individuality, our platform empowers employees to choose from a diverse range of brands, styles, colors, fabrics, and inclusive sizing. Whether it's traditional or contemporary trends, our user-friendly platform allows you to curate your uniform selection based on your program requirements, providing your employees with a cohesive yet diverse selection.
  • Seamless Logistics:
    • Direct Delivery - No more collecting order forms or coordinating deliveries! Our digital solutions ensure that once an order is processed, products are shipped directly to the employee. This streamlined distribution method eliminates the need for admins to collect and distribute orders, saving time and resources.
    • Effortless Embroidery Management: We handle the embroidery details, ensuring that your team is branded correctly while making the process stress-free and efficient.

TopStitch understands that you need more than just a website; you need group uniform solutions. Experience the future of uniform programs with TopStitch for Teams! Explore Now